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Meet Patricia

My name is Patricia Bonk. I'm a wife to my wonderful husband, Steve. I have three children and one grandchild. I attended and graduated from from Purdue University. Currently, I work as a Registered Nurse, working many years in the emergency room. I also worked as an emergency responder. I worked as a firefighter for the Villages of Lemont and Northwest Homer. 

I am currently an elected official. Furthermore, I hold the office of Trustee in the Midlothian library board. I'm also on the Midlothian policing committee. I volunteer in schools and support Police and Veterans organizations.

I'm a cancer survivor, and I'm currently a Team Leader with the South Suburban Cancer Walk to help promote a cure for cancer and support those affected by this terrible disease.

I know what it is to serve, and this time I want to serve again by becoming your Representative in Springfield to fix the problems we have in this state.

Our current Representative has done nothing for the people of this district and this state. The farmers have been forgotten and bills are piling up while politicians become millionaires.  This generation is the most important generation because we will set the path for our children. Shall we mortgage their future with our mistakes and debts? No. It is up to us now to resolve our economic problem, so they can have a better future and a life of prosperity. We are playing chess, not checkers. That is why I have a plan to fix our great state!

My plan includes a path to economic prosperity and growth. Bringing back jobs and industry to Illinois. To fight for our workers and to protect their pensions. To protect our farms and the farmers. I will represent our seniors, providing them the help they need and more. After all, they provided for us. I want to fight for the moms out there that have suffered so much from the schools and their social ideals to parent all alone with children and not enough funds to feed her children. My plan includes training for the moms in cyber, so they can learn and work from home making a great wage and to care for the kids at the same time. We need to care for our proud veteran warriors. Under my watch, they will be provided for.

Crime is out of control, and it needs to be addressed. Because of the failure of this governor and the Democrats, the criminals are in control. Not anymore. I will pass legislation to combat crime, bringing to justice those who violate our laws. We will hire more State Police not to write tickets but to provide drug interdiction on the highways to cut the flow of drugs, cash, and guns. You cut off supplies and crime will reduce. Shootings and homicides will be reduced. Together, we will educate our young children about the dangers of drugs and gangs. It's prevention versus intervention. No parent should have to bury their child. As a parent, I can tell you that my children are my life. That is why I understand!

Many are running because they are unhappy with politicians that fooled them. Moms, teachers, Police Officers and factory workers are running to restore and rebuild Illinois. It's up to you, the voter, to throw out the crooked politicians with your vote. When you give me that vote, I'll challenge anyone who comes between you and better schools, better healthcare, more jobs and the care of our Illinois residents. I promise you this. You will not be forgotten. Now I hope you join my mission to take back our state. I will fight the political parasites that for too long have too prevent you from progressing financially because of unjust taxes and regulation. Vote Bonk for a better future and prosperity!


Thank you! 




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